Q: How Do I Clean The Doll?

——- A: Using A Soft Cloth, Mild Soap And Water, Gently Wipe Your Doll And Pat Dry. Do Not Rub.


Q: Can I Take A Bath With Maid-Fong?

——- A: Yes. Remove The Eye Bolt At The Back And Plug The Hole Before The Bath, And Dry The Head Joint Afterwards.


Q: Is Silicone Durable?

——- A: Yes. Silicone’s Elongation At Break Is 900%. So It Is Very Durable.


Q: How Do I Clean The Oral Cavity?

——- A: The Head Is Easily Removable And The Oral Cavity Can Be Cleaned With Soap And Water.


Q: How Do I Clean The Vaginal And Anal Cavities?

——- A: Flush The Cavity Until Clean And Use Cloth To Dry. Or Use Our Optional Pussy Purifier For Easy Cleaning.


Q: Can The Doll Hold Her Pose?

——- A: No, the joints though bendable, do not hold any pose.