Sexy doll for adult Techove high quality doll


Sexy doll for adult Techove high quality doll

1. Material of Sexy doll for adult 
SeTop-class silicone resin, real smooth skin touched. We use the macromolecule medical silicone resin which is been certified by ROHS, REACH, and FDA, which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length. The soften range is up to 0-100A. So the doll provides more durable service. The doll’s skin color has purely natural luster and body has real smooth feelings by touch.

2. Production craft
The doll’s pretty face which is sculptured by experienced sculptor. The make-up is put on safe materials with no poisonous smell. The hair is long shining and sexy smooth. The breasts are highly firm and rounded. The nipples have great flexibility with slightly pink areolas. The navel has a natural centric mark and smooth depression. The private place is used the flocking skills which has no smell or oil either, and can be put into your preferable flavor.

3. Poses
The body joints are made of artificial multiplex metal by latest professional technology. The limbs can be freely extension and create all sorts of different sexual poses which give you most surprising joys during process.


Maintenance & Clean

1. The doll should be cleaned every 30 days used by mild shower foam. The head should be taken down and cleaned separately.
Please do keep the head from water.
2. When the body skin becomes sticky, please also use bath powder or baby powder to make it dry and smooth.
3. Use the towel to dry the doll after cleaning and put on some bath powder or baby powder. Please do not use the hair dryer to blow the doll.
4. Use the wet towel to gently clean the face. Please do it lightly.
5. Use the mild shampoo to wash the wig. Let the wig dry itself naturally.
6. Suggestion: please put on the clothes for the doll and keep it clean.
7. If some wounds appear, please contact us for special reparation. We promise there will be no marks left and the mend lasting for long.
8. You should be carefully move the doll because it is a little heavy. Please avoid making the doll dropped, knocked or broken.


How do I clean my Sexy doll for adult after having sex ?
Just clean vaginal hole with warm water.
Can I put makeup on my doll ?
Absolutely, some of our dolls come with a permanent makeup but you can add your own makeup over it.
Can I dress my doll myself ?
Of course, you can dress your doll the way you like, with any regular woman clothes. We provide Bust/Waist/Hip measurements for that.
Can I spray perfume on it ?
Some perfumes may contain alcohol which can damage the skin, so we suggest you spray it on a hidden part (such as the armpit) or avoid perfumes which contain alcohol.
Do your dolls contain toxic materials ?
Not at all, whether it is a TPE or silicone doll, none of them contain dangerous or itchy components. Actually, they are made with the same materials as sex toys.
Do your dolls require any kind of maintenance ?
No, just store your doll in a cool, dry place. Avoid excessive heat or humidity.
To prevent clothes fading on the skin, don’t press clothes when making love to the doll and undress the doll when not in use.
To avoid strokes on axilla or on other parts of the skin, please keep arms and legs straight and parallel to the body when not in use.

Height4 ft 2 in. / 128 cm
Weight51 lbs. / 23 kg
Breast21 in. / 54 cm
Waist19 in. / 49 cm
Hips24 in. / 60 cm
Feet Length6.3 in. / 16 cm
Vaginal Depth6.7 in. / 17 cm
Anal Depth6 in. / 15 cm
Oral Depth6 in. / 15 cm
MaterialTPE with fully articulated poseable Metal Skeleton
3 HolesAnal, Vaginal, Oral
BodyNormal with USB rod or heating and orgasm voice
TechnicsHand made with mould
FeatureEco-Friendly, Waterproof
Make upCustomized


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