Chubby Dolls

Looking for that perfect chubby doll busty with a big ass, big tits, and a little waist?  How about a fat BBW sex doll with some extra  cushion for the pushin’?  We’ve got them all!  BBW Sex Dolls are some of the best selling dolls within our store.  Order your BBW sex doll today and see why!


The bigger, the better.

And that’s true! BBW and chubby sex dolls just don’t grow old. Big tits, fat ass and small waist sex dolls from Techove Dolls are definitely best sellers! 

We know how you love big curves, so we put our extra care on our sex dolls’ curves and making sure that the breasts and ass are plump, soft and of course, realistic. With realistic sex dolls, you can have realistic sex. 

Whatever you call it, love dolls or sex dolls, it doesn’t matter, as these dolls are made to give you pleasure. 


Techove Dolls’ BBW sex dolls are not your ordinary sex dolls, with huge breasts and big fat ass, every other detail of our BBW and chubby sex dolls are on point. If you’re worried about stretching her busts and ass out, DON’T. Our love dolls are medical grade TPE silicone. So you can rock your BBW love doll however you like. 

Meet our chubby love doll Ainsley.    With measurements 105-73-115(cm), she exceeds your expectations. Ainsley has tan skin, red lips, and huge huge breasts and a fat wide ass. You can get your own Ainsley for as low as $1,083. Check her out! 

Here’s our blonde love doll, Olympia .    For her 5’4” height and fit figure, she has incredible huge breasts, and her small waist accentuate her fat ass. No part of Olympia is fat, except for her breasts and her ass.

Lea is a voluptuous ebony BBW love doll! This beautiful chubby sex doll, may be the one you’ve been looking for! Every detail of Lea makes everything about her lifelike. You might need more than a D cup for her perky huge breasts that feel so real.

Our gorgeous thick sex doll  Lucretia,    lives up to its reputation. Her features are as realistic as it can get. She is the perfect sex doll that unbelievably resembles a thick sexy woman. Notice how her breasts are huge enough that at the same time does not disturb the balance of her structure.Her big fat ass is supported by her thick thighs. Everything about her is just so realistic, so check her out.

If you are more into skinny but BBW love dolls, check out Rachel. Her extremely small waist accentuates her curves, giving her an hourglass figure. There are other sex dolls like Rachel in our collection, so don’t forget to check them out also and find yourself your perfect BBW sex doll. She’s always ready to give you the realistic sex you’ve been looking for. 

Looking for a BBW love doll who looks experienced, check out Magda. Magda’s character design is a real – life stripper. She’s thick, chubby, has big boobs  and your perfect BBW sex doll! Notice how thick her thighs are, it looks like she’s been pole dancing for a living. Her robust – voluptuous features are in harmony. 

Many of our customers look forward to seeing love dolls like Ruth.    She’s just flawless in many ways. She can also do cosplay. Dressing her up then taking her clothes off is a good idea. Her measurements are 35-21-28. Her sexy huge breasts and ass made her to belong in the BBW sex doll collection. 

We have other new BBW love dolls that you have to see! We added more character design on our BBW sex dolls to keep them authentic. Choose from our varieties, if you want a curvy thick Asian sex doll, a fetish sex doll or a MILF sex doll… we have it here! 

Check out more of chubby, thick, big tits, big booty sex dolls in our    BBW Sex Doll Collection to find the perfect sex doll to bring home.



You have gotten a good glimpse on what we here in Techove Dolls have to offer. Now it’s time to set your standards in purchasing a BBW love doll, so we provide you ways on how to find the best BBW sex doll for you so you can have that realistic sex.

Sex dolls can be expensive especially if it is high-end life like sex dolls we are talking about. Start by choosing a business that offers good price and quality. 

The first thing to look for on your sex doll is the quality of the material used. The skin material should be medical graded. For better experience, consider premium quality TPE silicone – which is a combination of silicone and TPE. The realistic or lifelike factor depends greatly on its skin. Also, your skin health as well. Techove Dolls’ sex dolls’ material used are hypoallergenic. 

Second, the breasts and ass of your doll. Techove Dolls’ can customize the size for you. Tell us how big you want it to be. The tenderness and elasticity of your ideal  doll’s breasts and ass are certainly taken care of. TPE or  silicone breasts and ass for your BBW sex dolls gives that realistic feel every time you wobble, squeeze and just even touch them. You can ask for your doll’s breasts to be full/solid or to be hollow – whichever you like. Some say that this is even better than real breasts.

Note that for smaller breasts, it will be required to make it solid.  While if you’re going to have your doll’s breasts super huge, then it is recommended to go for hollow Whichever the case, both will feel realistic and lifelike.  

You can also make tweaks on the orifices of your sex doll regarding on how deep you want it to be -from vaginal, anal and mouth depth. This will definitely increase your sexual satisfaction, as this provides the real feel. 

Lastly, consider the BBW sex doll’s overall design. Ask yourself if it turns you on. BBW sex dolls can be expensive so find the doll that you can have a long term intimate relationship with. 


Accessories are indeed necessary, it helps the whole mood set up and realistic. They aren’t just accessories, we think of them as spices to make the food taste the best! 

If you think that looking for your BBW clothing and accessories will be difficult, Techove Dolls will prove you wrong. 

Here we have sex doll accessories of any sex dolls. From lingerie, underwear, clothing and costumes, and sex accessories we have it here.

Find the right lingerie for your busty BBW sex dolls and spice up your mood. You can also have a USB heating rod to achieve natural body heat from your BBW sex doll’s orifices, if your love doll does not come with full-body heating technology. Everybody wants that ‘real’ feel. 

Go all out with your TPE or silicone love doll, and have that sex for real!